2020 Treasurer


  • Record all gifts from the Branches to the Diocesan pledge, the Bena Dial Fund, the Diocesan Seminarian Book Fund, the three annual mission projects, and the Altar Guild in the appropriate ledgers.
  • Acknowledge all Branch gifts in writing.
  • Pay any invoices incurred by the Board and its members.
  • On a quarterly basis, disperse funds accrued in the three annual mission projects.
  • Deposit all checks and reconcile the bank statement monthly.
  • Prepare a financial report outlining receipts and expenditures for the Diocesan Board. This should be done prior to every regularly scheduled meeting of the Diocesan ECW Board.
  • Prepare an Annual Financial Report, a listing of individual Branch gifts, and a comprehensive listing of all gifts made by Branches for the Diocesan ECW Handbook. A short report on these is shared at the Annual Diocesan ECW Convention.
  • With the Finance Committee, prepare a yearly budget and present it to the Annual Diocesan ECW Convention for adoption.
  • Chair the Finance Committee and serve of the Executive Committee.
  • Provide all checkbooks and financial materials for the year to Audit Committee by March 1.
  • Serve as Altar Guild Treasurer.

If you’re interested in this position, or have an idea of somebody we should talk with about this position, please contact Whitney Evans, past president and nominating chair, at upperscecwnominating@gmail.com.

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