2020 Bena Dial Scholarship & College Work

Bena Dial Scholarship & College Work

  • Educate and inform ECW and churches about the Bena Dial Fund.
  • Keep in touch with students who are Bena Dial recipients.
  • Promote the financial support of the Bena Dial Fund throughout the Diocese.
  • Distribute and coordinate the flow of applications for Bena Dial scholarships.
  • Serve as Chairman of the Bena Dial Scholarship Award Committee. The five-member committee is made up of the President, Vice-Presidents, Bena Dial chair, and two appointed members. The number and amount Bena Dial Scholarships is set yearly by this committee.
  • Encourage each Branch to keep in touch with college students from their church.

If you’re interested in this position, or have an idea of somebody we should talk with about this position, please contact Whitney Evans, past president and nominating chair, at upperscecwnominating@gmail.com.

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