Church Periodical Club is changing the world one book at a time…


The Church Periodical Club (CPC) awards grants through two funds, The National Books Fund (NBF) and the Miles of Pennies (MOP).

The NBF grants are awarded to organizations or individuals whose work is affiliated with the Anglican Communion and are limited primarily to adults.  The need for materials to carry out the mission of the church must be established as well as financial need.  Grants are made for books and related materials.

The MOP fund serves the needs of children from kindergarten through high school wherever there is a need.  Some examples of who may apply are VBS, libraries, Jr. DOK, and youth ministry.  Grants are awarded year round by the MOP committee for such items as books, workbooks, manuals.  The maximum grant is $844.80.

The NBF granted $24,482.82 to overseas applicants in 2018, with the majority of the grants awarded to Tanzania.  Bunda Bible College, located in the Diocese of Mara, received grants to help students with the purchase of books and also for library books.  Berega Bible School in Morogoro received  a grant to purchase books for the library.   St. David Anglican Church in Iringa received a grant to purchase bibles for Sunday school children.  The Anglican Memorial Church in Namatala, Uganda received a grant for the purchase of Christian and academic textbooks for a learning center. 

Here in the U.S., ten seminaries received a grant of $800 each.  Several churches received grants ranging from requests for prayer books to bibles.  St. Francis Episcopal Church in Victoria, Texas requested, and was granted, money to purchase prayer books in French to be given to St. Andrews Episcopal School in Haiti.  Domestic grants totaled $14,980.60.

In our own Diocese of Upper South Carolina, St. Martin’s Episcopal Church in Columbia received a Miles of Pennies (MOP) grant in the amount of $771.85 to purchase books for children attending Camp Air Day Camp.  Camp Air is a camp for children with reading issues.

As you can see, the needs are SO great and your contributions to the Church Periodical Club are helping to spread the Printed Word around the United States and beyond.  For more information about  the Church Periodical Club (CPC)  and the two granting funds, please contact .    


Please remember to keep our seminarians in your prayers as they continue their studies.  The Episcopal Church Women (ECW) sent $767.00 in 2018 to each of the three seminarians to help in the purchase of books.   Your contributions are appreciated very much by the seminarians and we hope that contributions will increase this year.

The three seminarians are:   Jenn Pilat who is attending Virginia Theological Seminary and will graduate May 2019; Lathrop Mosley who is attending Sewanee School of Theology and will graduate May 2021; and David Rodrick who is attending Virginia Theological Seminary and will graduate May 2021. 00

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