2018 Call To Convention September

September Convention Header (3)

Dear Sisters in Christ,

Two Calls to Convention in one calendar year?
Yes – you are not crazy! This is the second one in 2018.

Our 97th Annual Convention will take place during the same calendar year as the 96th, which is non-traditional, but for a very compelling reason. As we continue to discuss how women’s ministry in our diocese responds to the changes of our modern age, we are striving to partner when possible and to provide the women of our diocese with a more streamlined calendar that makes the best use of everyone’s time.

To this end, we have worked with the Daughters of the King to host our Annual Convention on the same day as its Fall Assembly. DOK is a membership organization, but all DOK members are also part of the ECW, because they are women in our church. With the overlap in programming, we believe it makes sense to offer one event rather than two for a large percentage of our attendees.

We also hope that this will make it easier for us to achieve quorum. Our governing documents are in desperate need of an update, and you’ll find the first step of that update proposed at this link. We have not had quorum at the past 4 Conventions and so have been unable to officially do the business of the group. We pray this move will change things!

It has also changed things by moving our timeline forward for our approvals. This primarily impacts our Statement of Mission, which does not contain the final numbers for this year, and the Slate of Board nominees, because this was such a short year to recruit. We hope this will resolve itself as we move forward in this new pattern.

I look forward to seeing you in Greenville!
For His glory,

**To print a paper registration, register online, view and/or print the event agenda, please visit our website.**

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