What’s Happening in the Diocese?

St. Anne’s Guild – Our Saviour, Rock Hill

The women of St. Anne’s Guild have been doing some incredible work in their community! Here’s what they have been doing over the last year:

  • Episcopal Relief Fund for Hurricane Relief
  • Infant Formula for the Baby Jesus Baskets at Christmas
  • Kerosene for use in home heaters during the winter
  • Bellview Elementary School – This effort is in response to the Bishop’s call for assistance with education in the public schools. Bellview has a large number of high-needs students.
    • Reading Buddies
    • Snacks for teachers at their weekly meetings
    • Teacher luncheons
    • 28 oz. hand sanitizers for each of the 22 classrooms
    • Assisted with purchasing books so that every child had a book to take home for the summer
  • Little Street Pantry – Purchased food to help stock the Our Saviour Little Street Pantry, which is located on the sidewalk outside the church. Any person needing food can take items from the pantry. There is no limit to how much food one can take, or how frequently one can visit the pantry.

ecoos - little free pantry


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