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June 20 – 24

The Daughters of the King Triennial 2018 ~ Triennial will be held at Renaissance at the Arboretum in Austin, Texas.  All Daughters in our diocese are encouraged to attend.  At least 11 daughters from our diocese will attend, including delegates, alternates, exhibitors, and other participants.

September 22

  Fall Assembly ~ The Church of the Redeemer in Greenville, SC, will be the host for the Fall Assembly Meeting on Saturday, September 22, 2018.  The meeting will include the installation of the 2018-2021 diocesan board, whose terms will have already started on September 1.  We will share Holy Eucharist, lunch, and the program with the Episcopal Church Women.  The program will be “Shift.  The day will begin with the ECW Convention, and end with our Assembly.  Mark your calendars, and encourage all the women in your congregation to plan to attend the ECW meeting and our shared program and worship.

News and Views

From Joyce Pipkin ~ Thank you for the opportunity to sell our Haitian jewelry & crafts.  I am excited to report the net proceeds were $300!  These funds will be used for food and supplies for our VBS in Haiti this July where 300+ children will receive God’s word each day for the four days of the program!  Praise God and than you again!!

DOK Spring Retreat 2018

For more information on The Order of  Daughters of the King in the Diocese of Upper South Carolina, please visit the website here.

For more information on the National Order, please visit their website here.


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