UTO Spring Ingathering Information

uto_logoGreetings Faithful Servants,

It’s time again to plan your Spring UTO Ingathering.  With Easter being early this year, the date for our traditional diocesan ingathering needed to be moved.  Below are the dates for Spring 2018:

Diocesan Suggested Date – Sunday, April 8

National Suggested Date – Sunday, May 6

Deadline for Spring UTO Ingathering Money to Diocesan Coordinator – Friday, June 15

As you know, you may decide with your priest on the date that best fits your parish calendar between the above.  If you are in need of more supplies you may go to https://shimaofnavajoland.com/collections/United.Thank.Offering.  In addition to the usual offerings of boxes & envelopes, they have come out with a couple of new offerings you might want to look at.

I wanted to update you on our two UTO grants from 2016/2017.  I was at Gravatt, our 2016 recipient, in early February and had the opportunity to see a second project.  The completed labyrinth is located down by the lake.  It is beautiful and in a rectangular shape, which I had never seen before.  All three areas – the tree house, the labyrinth, and the outdoor educational space in the woods have gotten much use by guests/campers since their completion.  Jasmine Road, our 2017 recipient, has made great strides.  The house is nearing completion.  There are three women who have been screened and they are hoping to move them in by May 1st.  The money from the UTO Grant was used to establish a website – https://www.jasmineroad.org.  They have hired a program manager & purchased computer for their use.  This is in addition to using the money towards personnel, office needs & supplies.  We have been a vital part of enabling this program to get on its feet and being able to serve these women as they recover to a new life.

My deepest thanks for all the blessings that were gathered in 2017 allowing Upper South Carolina that sent $28,021.14, to be included in the 2018 granting process.  For general information, I wanted to let you know that I received 6 Fall checks after the fall deadline for sending to National for inclusion in the 2018 grant monies.  Those checks have been deposited into the UTO account and will be reflected in the 2018 Spring totals.

This will be my last e-mail to you as your Diocesan UTO Coordinator.  I am thankful for your support by representing your parish so well, and through my health/computer issues.  I have been blessed to hold this position and being able to serve all of you.

Your new Diocesan UTO Coordinator is Jennifer Evans who is a member of St. Christopher’s in Spartanburg.  You will find all her information on the attached Spring UTO form.  I am still on this UTO e-mail address, but will be turning over the reins soon.  I will forward any e-mails with updated coordinator information or questions I receive to Jennifer until that is completed. 

With Peace & Thankfulness, Phyllis


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