2018 Diocesan Board Reminder

The Nomination Deadline is Friday, December 15th!!!


Open Positions for 2018-2020

Nominations are open for the 2018 ECW Diocesan Board! These positions will take office at the 96th ECW Retreat/Convention on February 3, 2018, and they will serve for a period of two years.

Candidates can be self-nominated or nominated by others. Job descriptions for open positions are below. If you have any questions, or wish to nominate yourself or somebody else, please contact Whitney Evans at 803-576-0020 or upperscecwpresident@gmail.com.

Service is a two-year commitment that entails participation in quarterly board meetings (one of which is the board retreat), and attendance at our annual fall event and convention.

Financial hardship should not be a consideration of service. We welcome women of all ages (above 18) and involvement levels! The nomination deadline is Friday, December 15, 2017.

Altar Guild

  • Maintain contact with Parish Altar Guild Directors to assess their needs for assistance
  • Maintain a source of information on such things as disposal and recycling of linens, vestments, and other church accoutrements no longer used by a Parish, sources of supplies, etc.
  • Promote workshops to share Altar Guild procedures
  • Send information to Parish Altar Guilds through the ECW meeting packets, direct correspondence, Diocesan publications, and the Diocesan Website to publicize what is offered
  • Promote an interest in the Annual meeting of Province IV Altar Guild Association, the Triennial meeting of the National Altar Guild and individual memberships in the National Altar Guild
  • Attend the Annual meeting of Province IV Altar Guild Association, and the Triennial meeting of the National Altar Guild, when held during her term of office
  • Encourage branches to donate $10.00 or more annual dues through the Diocesan ECW Treasurer

Vice President for Information

  • Be available to assist the President
  • With the President, be responsible for the preparation of the Annual Diocesan ECW Handbook
  • Become familiar with all the Branches in the Diocese and offer assistance where needed
  • Be responsible for updating information concerning the Clergy and ECW Presidents, Liaisons and Contacts in the Diocese, throughout the year
  • Keep the ECW Board informed of all new updates concerning ECW Branch officers, liaisons, contacts, and Clergy in the Diocese
  • Be responsible for maintaining and providing the Officers and Chairmen with the updated Directory listings as they request in the appropriate format
  • Be responsible, with the Diocesan Communications staff, for maintaining the information posted in the ECW web pages on the Diocesan website
  • Make sure that each Branch completes the Annual Report on time
  • Keep informed about Diocesan activities and communicate information to the ECW Branches
  • Coordinate attempts to establish or reactivate ECW Branches currently inactive
  • Keep the Diocesan ECW President and Board informed of activities within the Diocese
  • Make program suggestions for regional meetings to the Diocesan ECW Board and assist in securing speakers as directed
  • Serve on the Finance Committee and the Nominating Committee
  • Serve on the Executive Committee

United Thank Offering

  • Serve as custodian for United Thank Offering funds. Serves as delegate to Triennial Convention when it is held during term of office.
  • Provide all checkbooks and financial materials for the year to the Audit Committee by March 1
  • Keep records of number of participants and amount of offering for each church in the Diocese
  • Share educational materials, including the two UTO videos, with churches in the Diocese
  • Set dates for churches to transmit UTO funds to Chairman for transmittal to national UTO
  • Keep in touch with Branch UTO Chairmen to provide information on ordering supplies, dates for ingathering (Spring-Sunday nearest the Feast of the Annunciation and Fall-Sunday nearest the Feast of St. Michael and All Angels), and grant applications
  • Serve as Chairman of the Diocesan screening committee, receive UTO Grant Applications, screen and choose in committee those to be submitted to UTO

We hope that you will prayerfully consider sharing your time and talent in this way.



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