United Thank Offering



Fall UTO Ingathering’s are taking place all over the diocese.  I know all are thankful for their blessings through daily prayer and coins dropped in our Blue Boxes.  I was very thankful on October 26th to be able to attend a luncheon benefiting our 2017 UTO Grant recipient, Jasmine Road.  At this luncheon we had the pleasure of hearing Becca Stevens, founder & president of Thistle Farms, the model on which Jasmine Road is based.  Thistle Farms is the largest social enterprise in the United States run by survivors of sexual exploitation and addiction.  Jasmine Road is a partnership of both Christ Church and Triune Mercy Center in Greenville.  They are currently raising the remaining funds to complete the first home for the women impacted by exploitation and addiction.  In addition to the powerful speech by Becca, and the moving video presented by Jasmine Road, was the opportunity I had to meet Marie Majarais, newly hired Executive Director of Jasmine Road.  The significance of this meeting is that their UTO Grant money was to be used to hire appropriate personnel and help with setting up office needs.  After hearing Marie speak, I know our money has come back home to provide a caring leader for Jasmine Road.  I thank all of you who have given for your many blessings.  Always continue to be thankful for your blessings big and small, pray for those blessings, and give generously that others may benefit from those blessings.


Phyllis Webb, Diocesan UTO Chair

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