Altar Guild News

Altar Guild Project: Old Paschal Candles Wanted

The Episcopal Native Americans on the Cheyenne River Reservation are in need of  Paschal Candles. When someone dies they burn Paschal Candles from two to four days. I would like to collect Old Paschal Candles at the ECW Fall Event and at the General Convention. Once collected then I will send them to the Reservation as a gift from the Altar Guild of Diocese of the Upper South Carolina.

Altar Guild


Altar Guild yearly dues of $10.00 from each Church are due by December 1, 2017. You can mail your payments to the ECW Diocese Board Treasurer Kathy Siegel.

Remember that all worn and or old Altar Linens can be mailed to me for proper disposal and or recycling. Also, email me regarding any changes to your Parish Altar Guild Officers. For any question and or concerns please email Valerie Riley at

Triennial – Austin, Texas – July 2018

The National Altar Guild Association (NAGA) invites all Altar Guild members to attend the Triennial Meeting in Austin, Texas in July 2018.

Did you know that the NAGA will provide a minimum of four scholarships to the Triennial Meeting in 2018? If you are a dedicated Altar Guild Member, or know of any person that is, and you or they have limited means, then please apply. For more information  please contact Albe Larsen by email, or your Province IV  representative.

Province IV Altar Guild Officers Contact Information:

President: Sarah Hill,
V. President: Phyllis Bruce,
Secretary: Ann McCormick,
Treasurer: Peggy R Curlin,
Please fill free to contact any member for comments, questions, or concern.



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