UTO Blessings


The parishes of this diocese have always been a blessing to those who worship within their walls, as well as to the world outside those walls.  This Spring we were able to send $13,895.37 to the National UTO to apply towards the 2018 Granting period.  This wonderful amount came from 21 of our parishes, which represented those that have given on a regular basis and many who have begun once again.  It is a testimony to the blessings lifted up as “coins” in our lives!!

The Diocese of Upper South Carolina is very thankful to be a recipient of a UTO Grant in 2017.  Jasmine Road, supported by Christ Church in Greenville, received a grant in the amount of $40,500.00 to help begin their work with women who have been affected by sexual exploitation and drug abuse.  You can read about this grant in a separate article in this newsletter.

Summer is approaching its end and Fall will be here before you know it.  I hope that all your Blue Boxes are overflowing from the many prayers lifted up for the good times that summer brings.  Be on the lookout for the announcements from your UTO coordinator about the Fall Ingathering.  Continue to lift up those blessings and filling your Blue Boxes with coins.

Always Remember that from Small Coins, Come Great Things!!

With Thankfulness, Phyllis Webb, Diocesan UTO Coordinator

To My UTO Coordinators – A General Thanks for all your support & the wonderful blessings you have presented to the UTO this Spring.  Individual Thanks to come soon now that my computer is once again up and running!

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