Thanks to each of you who lifted up all of your blessings through your monetary contributions to our 2016 United Thank Offering Ingatherings.  We were able to send a grand total of $27,544.56 to be used in the 2017 UTO Granting process.  In 2016, the Diocese of Upper South Carolina received blessings back in the form of a $46,800.00 UTO Grant for the Gravatt Camp & Conference Center’s outdoor environmental education centers.

On April 10th, my husband Steve and I traveled to Gravatt for the opening of the Tree House.  I had the unexpected honor to help cut the red ribbon with Lauri Sojourner, Director of Gravatt and representatives from the Aiken Chamber & other supporters as Gravatt officially begins their expanded outdoor environmental programs.  This tree house will provide learning experiences with nature during all hours.  We also visited the site of the Labyrinth by the lake, which is due for completion in May.  It is going to be a wonderful spot for reflection for all.  Coming soon is the outdoor classroom located near the farm section of Gravatt’s property.  It was thrilling to see this UTO Grant coming to life!

We are always generous in giving thanks for our blessings.  Hopefully, we will once again be blessed by the return of our blessings in 2016 to our diocese in the form of a 2017 UTO Grant for Jasmine Road, submitted by Christ Church, Greenville.  Keep this project in your prayers as the UTO Granting Committee meets to determine the distribution of the money to the many grants received.  Always remember that through small coins come great things!!

Peace, Phyllis Webb, Diocesan UTO Chair

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