Church Periodical Club


The Church Periodical Club is an independent, affiliated organization of the Executive Council of the Episcopal Church, dedicated to the worldwide Ministry of the Printed Word. The National Books Fund Committee will be reviewing 2017 grant applications for books and related materials on June 10-11, 2017 during the annual Board Meeting. The number of grant applications continues to grow each year. You are invited to become a CPC member for $20 per year, a Life Member for $250, or a Parish Life member for $300 which will help fund this ministry. The needs are great, as you will see from the summary of 2017 grant applications shown below:


  • Diocese of Ruaha – St. Michaels Mission Center – purchase various books for bible school students
  • Buhemba Community Development Training Institute (an accredited Technical College) – purchase 200 books for 179 men and women who are enrolled
  • Iringa – Amani Christian Training Centre – purchase books for students
  • Morogoro-Berega Bible School which trains lay and catechists in foundational faith, Christianity and theology – purchase study books for students and teaching materials


  • Ititu Parish and Ack Munyutha Parish – purchase bibles, prayer books and hymnals

South Sudan:

  • Tonj Area Diocese has started a TEE Bible School – supply library with training and study material for pastors and leaders

Total of the overseas applications:   $52,964.23

The list of domestic applications are as follows:

  • 10 Seminaries at $800 each
  • St. David’s Episcopal Church, Edgewood, FL – replace 100 damaged BCPs
  • Advocate BroMenn Medical Center Chapel, Normal, IL – purchase hymnals
  • Diocese of West Texas – provide Al-Anon literature for Camp Capers
  • St. Thomas, Glassboro, NJ – purchase large print BCPs and hymnals

Total of the domestic applications: $11,591.09

Just to add a little bit of human interest to these requests, according to the internet, Tanzania is just a tad more than twice the size of California. Over 120 languages are spoken, mostly Bantu languages. The religion is Christian, Muslim, and indigenous beliefs. Life expectancy is 45! The highest free standing mountain in the world, which we have all heard of, is Mt. Kilimanjaro. Here is a quote from the Bishop of the Diocese of Morogoro that I felt worth repeating, “Our diocese is working with many people, most of whom are in rural areas. They are tired and “scattered” in physical and spiritual need. We seek to follow the example of Our Lord Jesus Christ, who came to heal as well as to teach, to disciple as well as convert, and who took time to feed our bodies as well as souls”.

For additional information please contact If you desire to send a donation to help spread the gospel through the printed word, please send your check made payable to the Church Periodical Club, Attention: CPC Administrator, P.O. Box 1206, Manorville, NY 11949.



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