Giving Thanks – UTO Update

We in the Diocese of South Carolina are very thankful people.  On July 7th our diocese sent $14,099.49 from our Spring United Thank Offering Ingathering to the national UTO.  This amount represented our offertory from the ECW Convention and the blessings received from 25 of our 61 parishes.  I give my thanks to each of you who were so generous in your giving for the many blessings you have had during the first six months of 2016!

We also received blessings back from our donations in 2015 in the form of a grant to Gravatt Camp and Conference Center in Aiken.  This $46,800.00 grant will be used for three outdoor learning centers.  These centers will be used to continue and support their Environmental Education Program and their hosting of retreats.  Read further about this project on our blog.

As we go through the summer and our happy times with family and vacations, don’t forget to take your Blue Box with you.  Put it on the table or somewhere everyone can have access to it.  Get in the habit of making United Thank Offering a family affair, perhaps even talking with each other what the coins represent in your daily offering.  As always I am Thankful for the many blessings my Episcopalian family brings to me!

Always Remember:  From small coins come great things!!
Phyllis Webb, Diocesan UTO Coordinator

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