Mission Project Nominations are open!

The 2016 Mission Project Nominations Form is live; you can officially begin nominating! Each year the ECW of our diocese designates a World, National, and Diocesan Mission Project, and also a Christian Social Relations Project. We hope you will submit nominations for these projects here. The deadline for consideration is November 11, 2016. 

The mission projects involve the raising of funds; the christian social relations project involves the collection of goods (such as diapers and receiving blankets, school supplies, etc.).

These submissions will go to the Board for consideration. The Board will select one from each category at its November 19 meeting to recommend to the Bishop. After acquiring the Bishop’s approval, these projects will go before the 95th Annual ECW Convention for approval by the body. We will raise money for these projects throughout 2017, and will donate the money raised at the end of that year.

You may nominate as many programs as you like using the form below. If you have problems with this embedded form, you may also access it with this link. Please contact DeNelle Hickman, Mission and Christian Social Relations Chair, with any questions you may have: upperscecwmissions@gmail.com or (803) 419-1647.

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