2015 Call to Convention

Greetings, sisters!

I write to you at the start of this Advent season with a wonderful sense of expectation in my heart. Not only am I anticipating eagerly the welcome of the Christ Child into the world, but I am looking forward to our 94th Annual Diocesan ECW Convention. This will be my first convention as your president, and our entire team – your Board, as well as volunteers from our host parishes, Trinity Cathedral and St. Luke’s, Columbia – has been working diligently and fervently to make this the best convention yet.

We will gather on January 30, 2016, at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, for a day of introspection, fellowship, and …although no one really wants to say it… governance.  (REGISTER HERE. See the agenda here.) I realize that for many, the business meeting and approvals that must happen at Convention are a nuisance. However, we can’t function throughout the year without your approval on these matters. In an attempt to expedite this side of things, and also to make sure the discussion is informed, we are also including the voting matters in the call to convention.

You’ll find several things:

Please be aware that for both the elections and the missions vote, nominations are allowed from the floor! You can always nominate someone for an office by emailing upperscecwnominating@gmail.com, and if you would like to nominate a mission project from the floor, you should come prepared with materials.

Finally, the day is not only about governance! We will have a program on learning your “True Color” and how knowing these things about one another can help us work together in our home churches, and a wonderful worship service, followed by a delicious lunch.

The Bishop will also address the future of the ECW and other ministries in our diocese, and lead what is sure to be a lively discussion and question/answer session at the end of the day.

I hope you will join us for this special day – and feel free to bring a friend! Registration forms are also in this packet, or you can register online at https://2016ecwconvention.eventbrite.com. This year we have moved to registering as individuals, rather than by groups. You can still register by group through the mail-in form or by selecting the number of tickets you need on the Eventbrite site and filling in the information for each woman.

Wishing you all an Advent season fraught with anticipation and joy – and looking forward to seeing you after the Epiphany,

For His glory,


Whitney Evans

President, Diocesan ECW Board

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