Triennial 2015: Stir up the Spirit!

Your diocesan delegation has safely returned from Triennial 2015!

This triennial meeting was a whirlwind, and all who were there felt that it was truly an historical event. The ECW meeting happens alongside the Episcopal Church’s General Convention, and many women (your delegation included) also took the opportunity to sit in on some of the General Convention’s session, and to watch the certification of the election of our 27th Presiding Bishop, Michael Curry.

You have no doubt heard that the election of Bishop Curry brings change in the air for our Church – Bishop Curry is the first African-American to fill the position, and with a decidedly evangelical bent. You may not realize that some historic business was also done at Triennial.

During the plenary sessions, the body passed a resolution that the 2016-2018 National ECW Board implement the recommendations of the Ad-Hoc Committee for Restructure.

This committee was tasked by a resolution from the 2012 Triennial body with the task of “reshaping and revisioning our organization for the future.” After three years of work, the committee submitted a long thorough report to the national board in April 2015. You can find the entirety of that report here: Voice of Women for Women: 2014 Ad-Hoc Committee Final Findings and Recommendations.

Your delegation is wholeheartedly in support of the recommendations in this report, and lobbied strongly for its passage. I am pleased to say that it passed by an overwhelming number, despite some maneuvering by those who did not support the recommendations.

I will submit a more full analysis of the report at a future date, and we will most certainly cover this and other interesting moments from Triennial at our Convention in January.

Until then, I close by asking for your prayers for change – change that is righteous and rational; not solely for its own sake, but the kind that is well-considered and kindly but firmly implemented.

~ Whitney

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